Midwest Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc

In 1979, Larry Cade decided to open Midwest Tractor.  He partnered with Jim Jurik, because he was busy running his logging business. 

In 1982, Larry decided to close his logging business and join Midwest Tractor full time.  Although Jim is mostly retired you may catch him at the shop every now and then.  He was instrumental in building the mechanic side of things as well as our Dump Truck department. 

Dale, Jim’s son, has since taken over the Dump Truck department and does a great job at listening to what you want so that you can have a truck that does exactly what you want it to.  

Larry loves the logging industry and has kept that his main focus.  He will work closely with you to help you build a Log Truck or get you a new or used Log Loader.

Jeff, Larry’s son is also in the office now to help you when things break and you need a part yesterday. 

We take pride in helping you in every way we can to help you get on the road so you can get your equipment to work. 

Midwest Tractor Office
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